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TAILORMADE IBIZA is a team of skills and professionalism working in synergy within a creative space, a cutting-edge reality specializing in consultancy and customer-focused projects. 

A group of professionals who, from the analysis of the customer's needs, outline a customized solution.


WE MANAGE THE COMPLETE OPERATION CYCLE: we provide the customer with a customized and integrated service that allows us to analyze all aspects of the cycle: from the identification of the best investment to the implementation of the plan to achieve the objectives.


DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with the client, who is never left alone: the careful selection of clients allows direct contact with our reference figure.

Everything stems from the client's personal relationship, from the empathic ability to understand what is best for him/her.

Relational harmony and seriousness in what we do represent our philosophy.


As BRAND AMBASSADOR Tailormade Ibiza promotes the Brand and invites customers to discover and purchase the products and services of the companies represented, to conquer new areas of the international market.

We carry out promotional activities and events in order to boost brand and product communication in the target market.


Our many years of experience in the fashion industry makes our approach to the customer sartorial, our goal is to sew the best suit on the customer that makes him/her feel as comfortable as a second skin.

Our motto is 'dress your ideas'. We do just that.

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